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The ailment is known as pruritus animeaning "itchy anus" in Latin. Talk about a straightforward translation. Some people have "primary" pruritus ani, which means their anus is itchy for no apparent underlying reason.

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When redness and irritation shows up on or inside your butt, this poses a challenge. First, unless you have Gisele-like flexibility, it's hard to whip your head around and fully assess the situation. Then there's the embarrassment factor.

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Skin conditions, digestive issues, and chronic diseases are all potential culprits for this common yet embarrassing problem. Here are some of the common causes of itchy butt, and how you can find relief. In many cases, itching in the perianal region around the anus has to do with how a person is wiping after a bowel movement.

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Having an itchy butt is the nightmare scenario for dates, long car rides, sitting at work, going on runs, etc. Itchy butt is also something people very rarely share with anyone else. It can be kind of funny. It has some very clear causes.

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I'm embarrassed even to write to you about this, but I am even more embarrassed to seek advice from my doctor. My butt itches a lot, and I often catch myself scratching and tugging on my pants in public without knowing I am doing it. I know this sounds like a minor problem, but, as I hope you can imagine, it's a major problem for me.

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Got an itch you can't scratch, at least not in public? Fortunately, pruritis ani—the medical name for anal itching—affects only 1 to 5 percent of the general population. Still, those low numbers aren't too reassuring when you're the one with an itchy butt.

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While most cases of itchiness at your hole are as mysterious as the black holes in outer space, science does know a few reasons why anal itching might occur, and even how to treat them. So, until the Stephen Hawking of the human butthole unlocks the mysteries of your anus, these explanations are the best we have… for now. By wiping inadequately or not showering enough, fecal matter can stick around longer than you might like, which can irritate the skin.

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It may be associated with similar symptoms including burning and pain. The following list of medications are in some way related to, or used in the treatment of this condition. Drug class: topical steroids. For consumers: dosageinteractions .

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There are few things more annoying than an itch you can't quite scratch—especially when it affects your butt hole. That's because the area has a high concentration of nerve endings, meaning anal irritation may feel much more intense than, say, a bug bite on your arm. Luckily, it's easy to get relief from the issue formally known as " pruritis ani ," the fancy, Latin phrase for "itchy anus.

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Let's not be coy here: Everyone has a butthole—and sometimes, buttholes get itchy. But before digging into why your butthole gets itchy, let's clarify one thing: I'm talking about your itchy anus in particular—not your entire butt. The irritation—technically known as pruritus ani, per the U.


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