Clinton sexual relations

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Twenty years ago the US House of Representatives voted to impeach president Bill Clinton for giving false testimony about having a sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. The political scandal of saw the 42nd US president give false statements under oath, with a notorious one-liner leaving a mark. Mr Clinton was later charged with two articles of impeachment.

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Monica Lewinsky opens up about her relationship with former president Bill Clinton in a new series set to debut on Sunday. Lewinsky — a year-old intern when she and Clinton began a sexual relationship that ultimately led to his impeachment — has emerged as an anti-bullying advocate and voice in the MeToo movement after having years of her life derailed by the scandal that broke 20 years ago. In clips released from the series, Lewinsky recalls sexual encounters with Clinton in his private suite off the Oval Office, and their unsuccessful efforts to keep the relationship private.

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But, as the nation later learned, things happened quickly from that point, as it was that year that she began a relationship with the President that would last about two years and lead to an epoch-shaping scandal. Below is a glimpse, with two decades of hindsight, at how that historic year unfolded. Jones claimed she suffered emotional damage after Clinton exposed himself to her in an Arkansas hotel room in May of

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Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton became the first president to be impeached since Andrew Johnson, in We offer a recounting by people who played a role. I nthe Republican-led House of Representatives voted to impeach President Bill Clinton on one charge of perjury and one charge of obstruction of justice.

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Titled "Impeachment", Lewinsky — whose headline-making trysts saw her pilloried as a "stupid bimbo" — is lifting the lid on their affair, as she is working as a producer on the show. Lewinsky's affair with Clinton in the s nearly brought down his presidency, and the public backlash resulted in her feeling like "the most humiliated woman in the world". TV producer Ryan Murphy, who created the American Crime Story series, originally bought the rights to bring the book to TV in but admitted to having doubts about telling the story without Lewinsky's involvement.

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But Lewinsky has reportedly testified to a number of acts that most people think of as sex. Can both statements somehow be true? Is it possible that the two of them had intimate contact, yet Clinton still did not perjure himself?

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November 2, Bill Clinton is elected attorney general of Arkansas. Clinton, who ran unopposed, had won the Democratic primary on May 25, November 7, Bill Clinton is elected governor of Arkansas. Loans from Madison Guaranty had been used to support the failing Whitewater investment.

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Most journalists experience indelible moments that color our thinking long after the story moves on. These moments, usually in the first half of a career, come when a reporter or editor is immersed in a story that at the time is all-consuming—as though history suddenly has revved its jets—and remains a frame of reference even years later. It is just our luck that for many Washington journalists of my generation, one of those career-defining stories revolved around furtive acts of West Wing fellatio.

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The Clinton—Lewinsky scandal was a U. The sexual relationship took place between and and came to light in Clinton ended a televised speech in late January with the statement that he "did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky". Further investigation led to charges of perjury and to the impeachment of President Clinton in by the U.


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