Purpose of thumb scans

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A fingerprint is an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger. The recovery of partial fingerprints from a crime scene is an important method of forensic science. Moisture and grease on a finger result in fingerprints on surfaces such as glass or metal.

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It used to be that fingerprint scanners were mostly seen in movies and TV shows, or read about in science fiction novels. But such times of imagination surpassing human engineering ability has been long gone — fingerprint scanners have been in use for decades! Many types of occupations that require professional licensing or certification e.

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Almost all flagship smartphones have already been equipped with fashionable fingerprints scanners. Vendors claim that biometric sensors improve both user experience and security of mobile devices. But is it true?

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As Singapore moves aggressively towards using thumbprint-scanning at more entry points into the country, one group is less enamoured of this development: those with faint or no fingerprints. It is a condition that affects a growing number of people here - the number is set to rise further as fingerprints can become fainter with age. Infewer than one in users of the enhanced Immigration Automated Clearance System - automated clearance gates - had problems having their fingerprints scanned, said the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority ICA.

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Credit: Getty Images. By the age of five, more than 5 million children per year lose their lives to vaccine-preventable diseases. A new paper suggests thumbprint scans could go a long way to saving them.

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Mobile phone these days has become the most essential part of the business function. It gives us the flexibility to access application securely from a remote location. With the rise of the mobile phone, we have seen the increased demand for business applications that can be used in mobile.

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To get past a "what you have" system, you need some sort of "token," such as an identity card with a magnetic strip. A "what you know" system requires you to enter a password or PIN number. A "who you are" system is actually looking for physical evidence that you are who you say you are -- a specific fingerprint pattern.

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A fingerprint scanner is a type of technology that identifies and authenticates the fingerprints of an individual in order to grant or deny access to a computer system or a physical facility. It is a type of biometric security technology that utilizes the combination of hardware and software techniques to identify the fingerprint scans of an individual. A fingerprint scanner typically works by first recording fingerprint scans of all authorized individuals for a particular system or facility. These scans are saved within a database.

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N othing is completely secure. Locks can be picked, safes can be broken into, and online passwords can be guessed sooner or later. How, then, can we protect the things that we value?

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Fingerscanning, also called fingerprint scanning, is the process of electronically obtaining and storing human fingerprints. The digital image obtained by such scanning is called a finger image. In some texts, the terms fingerprinting and fingerprint are used, but technically, these terms refer to traditional ink-and-paper processes and images. Fingerscanning is a biometric process, because it involves the automated capture, analysis, and comparison of a specific characteristic of the human body.


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