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Leaked nude pics of stars -- a dream come true for millions of fawning fans, but a total nightmare to the featured celeb. It's humiliating. Sure, many of them strip down on the big screen, but this is completely different.

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In Autumnsomeone took a picture of me and put it on the web. In this low-angle shot taken at my peak weight, I looked like Jabba the Hutt wearing a blue T-shirt. Since the picture illustrated a popular blog post, it immediately became the first result when you did an image search on my name.

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Until "it" shows up. You didn't realize it at the time, but that picture makes you want to crawl under a rock. Worse, everyone else loves it, having plenty of laughs.

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Maybe accidental nude selfies these worked in their favour, maybe they didn't When selling something on eBaythe site helpfully provides some guidelines so you can make the most out of your sale. First, include as much detail as possible about the item you're selling. After all, people like to know what they're signing up for.

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This French traveller lost her camera while holidaying. The bigger problem is, the camera is filled with naked pictures of herself. This couple are travelling the world in their birthday suits and sharing it with everyone on Instagram.

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Most embarrassing photos, if sent to a wrong person, becomes even more embarrassing. The situation gets worse because you can not do anything about the thing. We have today come up with a list of several photos accidentally sent to wrong person and embarrassment follows.

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Google Maps Street View photos often circulate on the internet when they contain funny, strange or terrifying images. Often the fascination with these pictures is that they are very much a snapshot in time. Viewers are often left guessing what could be really going on in the photo.

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Dumbest Laws In Ohio Random. Renewable Energy Sources Misc. Crazy photos of daughters by their dad Misc.

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Whoopi pointed out, quite reasonably in my view, that the young actress should not have those sorts of images on her phone in the first place. She said everyone knows such photos can be hi- jacked and used to threaten and embarrass. I find it utterly baffling that Bella was more distressed by the words of a middle-aged woman who had her best interests at heart than the saddo who tried to embarrass her by releasing nude photos on to the internet for all the world to see.

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Google Maps Street View is not somewhere many people would like to spot themselves, especially if they're photographed in the middle of something they intended to be private. He was snapped with a female companion who is wearing a bikini, but it's only he who is left red-cheeked. It's fair to say he's been handed a rather bum deal in the incident.


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