Vaginal lift surgery

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Jump to content. Two common forms of pelvic organ prolapse are bladder prolapse cystocele and urethral prolapse urethrocele. A cystocele occurs when the wall of the bladder presses against and moves the wall of the vagina.

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Anterior vaginal wall repair is a surgical procedure. This surgery tightens the front anterior wall of the vagina. The anterior vaginal wall can sink prolapse or bulge.

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Due to ageing or childbirth, the muscles of the vagina can become stretched and weak, causing discomfort, embarrassment and distress for many women. It can also lead to sexual issues due to the loss of sensitivity. Vaginal surgery, or vaginoplasty, can help to remedy this issue by tightening the muscles and surrounding tissue of the vaginal area.

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The term "vaginal rejuvenation" covers several different cosmetic procedures for female genitalia, such as labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. Some women struggle with a bulge of excess skin and fat in the mons, the upper part of the hair-bearing part of their vulva. The bulge can result in women feeling too embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or tight pants.

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Jump to content. Vaginal vault prolapse occurs when the upper portion of the vagina loses its normal shape and sags or drops down into the vaginal canal or outside of the vagina. It may occur alone or along with prolapse of the bladder cystoceleurethra urethrocelerectum rectoceleor small bowel enterocele.

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The most common surgery for prolapse is a pelvic floor repair, which is a broad term used to describe simple surgical repairs of the pelvic floor. More specifically, the term anterior repair refers to correction of the front wall of the vagina; and posterior repair refers to correction of the back wall of the vagina. If the uterus is prolapsing, it may be removed hysterectomy.

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Symptoms include stress incontinence inadvertent leakage of urine with physical activitya vaginal bulge, painful sexual intercourse, back pain, and difficult urination or bowel movements. Cosmetic surgeons adapt this procedure for the use in vaginal rejuvenation when some clients discovered that sex was more enjoyable than it had been before the operation. Vaginal walls may sometimes be slackened due to age, repeated childbirth, ongoing physical activity, similar factors linked to pelvic organ prolapses.

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Lower on that list—for me at least—is the possibility that along with my chin and boobs, my vagina could actually start to sag one day. Ah, Mother Nature—she can be a blessing and a bitch. Sounds deeply unappealing, right?

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